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[h t m l]

so, mine and kairinek personal domain, utagaiDOTnet have been totally changed. we had lot of work with this layout but i'm proud how it came out ^^* i've decided to drop all fanlistings and give my antention for our personal pages, like site with our stories and our upcoming project dedicated to our original story :D
damn, i can't stop staring at edo's wings XD~~

[edit] yes, i KNOW that iframes are stupid and it isn't work well with firefox, but i still don't feel good enough in php, sorry >.>
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[b u s y]

well, i couldn't believe that we will find with kairinek other things to do than jumping around fma /because almost all we did since this month was fma-related XD/ and now... saint beast tv/oav were first. not awesome series, but we have snatched some bishies and we still have fun with fanservice, which is EVERYWHERE there :D we're still waiting for next oav, which is MUCH better than tv series and it will /hopefully/ use very good idea which tv series totally destroyed. and there's much more fun with drooling at artbook we have found somewhere than in watching series itself, yay XD
sensitive pornograph was next. dear god, it's so brainless :D and even sex scenes weren't good enough for kairi, so i don't thing we need to back to this one, ne, hani? :D today we have started with meine liebe wieder as well, but stalking at all those bishies we couldn't read subtitles, so we both know nothing about story yet XD
and the last one... ouran high school host club. one episode watched, second is waiting for kairi to back from shopping, but OMG, it's one of BEST animes i've ever seen! i love animation so much, music is very good, and hell, GO GO TWINS! <3 i think i will be watching this one, however, main female chara isn't so annoying for me! O.o
gosh, forgot what i wanted to say... ah, 14 days left and i will meet my SWEET SUNNY~~!
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[m e m e]

without cut, because i said so!

1. post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video
games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in
your life.
2. have your friends guess your favourite character from each item.

1. suikoden 2 (x)
2. final fantasy tactics
/ha! XD/
3. skies of arcadia
4. fullmetal alchemist (x)
5. peacemaker kurogane
6. soul calibur (x)
7. guilty gear x
8. samurai showdown /nyah XD/
9. yuugiou (x)
10. shaman king (x)
11. angel sactuary
12. vagrant story
13. golden sun
14. metal gear solid (x)
15. quake 3 arena
16. obroncy krolestwa (x) /polish book, so.../
17. harry potter (x)
18. final fantasy 7 (x)
19. dictators (x)
20. mantantei loki ragnarok
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[v a l e n t i n e s]

yes, i know it's 4 days after, but i must wrote about what i got from my beloved kairinek in mail today :D i've got the cutest and prettiest card in the world, i'm so in love with it! i can eat adolf drew by her thousand times, because zomg he's just like sweet pie XD~ what's funny, i drew adolf on my card for her too :D adolf is our original character from our log, and he died few days ago >.> he went to heaven and became cherub, in valentine's day he and other cherubs went down to earth, that's why we had the same idea with puting him on our valentine's cards :D i've received from her OST for our log~~! zomg i was so suprised! all songs are so beautiful and the cover is AWESOME! i just LOVE that lots of small cute flowers, and one of my fav characters, raziel on it <3
what else? well, i think that's all :D this note is only to show you how much i love her, how much i need her and how much she can make me happy! 
sweetie, I LOVE YOU~~! :*~~
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[y o u and c h u c k]

dear kairinek,

i'm sitting in the front of this computer for you, i HAVE this computer and net for you, and i will leave this everything with happiness for you, because you're the only one i'm doing this for and i can do anything for you. because i love you. so smile, sunny ♥

your's only,


ps. beware of chuk norris's powerful roundhouse kick, sweetie >^<

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[v a r i o u s]

hi nighty,

congratulations! your application to build and run the havoc, jean & roy mustang
(hagane no renkinjutsushi (fullmetal alchemist)) fanlisting in the relationships
category at the anime fanlistings network has been approved!

i'm so glad to have fanlisting though of one of my favourite pairings ♥ approved, because we will make with kairinek alfons heiderich x edward elric fanlisting no matter what, we decdied that we don't need TAFL agreement to make it, aren't we? :D hyde needs LOVE and we give it to this pair ♥

btw, i've received my first christmas card this year :D thanks to midnightbanshee ^3^ wish i have so nice handwriting as you have *.* *hugs*

+ traditionaly - I LOVE YOU HONEY SO MUCH~~♥

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